The Lodge

The Andes Lodge is designed with the needs of our guests in mind. Its rooms are ideal for restoring energy, common areas designed for evening entertainment, top level barbecue area, relaxing hot tub area, sauna area to end a long day of excursions, pool table, farm that provides the kitchen with food , large gardens and all the facilities that will make your visit feel like home.

In addition to providing supplies for the kitchen, the farm space seeks to promote sustainability in the lodge’s own processes. For this reason, a sustainability plan has been created that aims to make the most use of its available resources, using a circular economy based on permaculture and self-sufficiency. There is no better food than the one that is taken from the farm directly to the table!

Because of the sustainability that we want to use in Andes Lodge, we devised a plan called Local Sustainability. The people of Yates and Puelo in general, do not see the benefits of tourism in their daily lives. It’s for that reason that we are convinced that they can be involved, directly or indirectly, in the daily life of the Lodge. So when purchasing anything, or when looking for a new worker, our neighbors are our priority. Also, a dozen fresh farm eggs just don’t compare to the ones that we could buy in Puerto Montt…

Upon your arrival, Mohwa and Baloo will welcome you with open arms. These gentlemen from the lodge are from Newfoundland, who truly enjoy new visitors of all ages. Yes, it is possible they will even accompany you on the excursions!